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Versatile technology and digital marketing professional with expertise in generating traffic, leads and sales through ppc, seo and website optimization


Professional Profile

I’m a freelance Digital marketing and technology professional dedicated to solve complex business problems through process automation and product development with studies at London School of Management and IT. Founded two successful digital consulting firms serving global clients.

Being a world traveler I’ve lived for several years in London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Brussels and Amsterdam, this has helped me to really understand the work culture and marketing strategies for different regions which I believe is essential when working as a digital consultant.

I’ve been working in the digital world for the past 9 years and have worked with fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized businesses/startups helping them grow through digital marketing and web/mobile application development by a result driven approach.

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Technical skills

I’ve learned through my experience about what my social media tactics should be. What priority should I put on email marketing? How does my content marketing help build my search engine optimization?

  • Data Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Google Search Console
  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • Web Application Development
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Linked-in Paid Ads
  • Agile Project Management
  • E-commerce Management

Communication skills

According to my experience good communication is the combination of right tool and the ability to convey a message in a way that the receiver understands it completely with all the information needed taking shortest possible time

  • Delivered 7 internet products working/communicating remotely (US, UK and Europe based)
  • Ability to understand the idea and transform it into a fully functional internet product
  • 8 years of experience communicating with the Developers, Designers and Project Managers
  • Proficient in reporting, used automated tools as well as manual efforts in order to report back
  • Ability to come up with a solution rather than discussing problem
  • I express my disagreements in constructive ways that focus on the issue and not the person

Leadership skills

I always try to care about those around me regardless of their wealth or social class, and I make an effort to show respect and treat all persons with dignity without distinction whatsoever of race, gender, religion, nationality, or any other distinguishing feature

  • Founded and led two successful digital consulting firms serving global clients.
  • Sold services worth $250K+ in first 18 months of operations (Face44 Pvt Ltd), prompting European investors to become partners.
  • Managed many successful software development projects using Agile methodologies.
  • Designed and executed digital marketing strategies for several clients with tangible results.
  • World traveler with strong abilities to work with clients of any culture, having lived for several years in Moscow, London, Paris, Beijing, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Interpersonal skills

I’m able to effectively communicate, socialize, connect, and cooperate with people in life, whether it be an individual or a group. This is something I have developed over the years.

  • Managed to run two companies at a time serving global clients
  • Worked in different time zones (UK, US and Europe) and managed teams accordingly
  • Effectively managed projects by providing deadlines and sprints
  • I stay productive by using project management tool, to-do lists, screen sharing apps and calendar

Adaptability skills

Because of my travel history I’ve been a good adopter whether it’s a social life or work culture I always try to adopt quickly and productively not compromising on work.

  • Adopted and indulged into startup work culture working with several startup’s
  • Learned and followed process involving compromise, negotiation, and the ability to calmly solve a problem
  • Adopter of different technology tools which clients use within their organizations
  • Listening fully and intently to what the client has said. It also involve paraphrasing the requirements or scope back to the client to ensure I've understood them correctly
  • I have the ability to ask effective and to the point questions to gather more detailed information, explore an idea, or delve into someone's thoughts.
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I’ve been working in the digital world for 8 years, started my carrier working for a fortune 500 company based in San Diego California as a E-commerce Manager then moved on to work for a service based technology company based in Toronto Canada as a Marketing Manager and then ended up forming my own company BoostMyStartup.com serving global clients.

BMS Logo BMS Logo
Boost My Startup


Aug 2012 – Present
Face44 Face44


Jan 2013 – Feb 2017
Clary Business Machines Clary Business Machines
Clary Business Machines

Strategic Manager

Oct 2010 – Jun 2012
Horrods Horrods

Warehouse Operative

Sep 2008 – Feb 2009
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Just My Education

Studied Business Administration, Management and IT from LCMIT and Oxford College of Management & IT London United Kingdom. Completed my Bachelor of Arts from a reputable government university Islamabad majoring Journalism, Education and Sociology.


Post Graduate Diploma

London - 2009
I have done post graduation from London school of management and IT. The major subjects of these studies were Management and Information Technology.
Oxford College LONDON

Business Administration

London - 2008
I have studied business administration from Oxford College of management sciences. The major subjects were business administration and analysis.
Government University

Bachelor of Arts - BA

Islamabad - 2013
I have done graduation from government university Islamabad. The major subjects were sociology, education and journalism.
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My Portfolio Includes Variety Of Products, Projects Marketing Services

I have helped many businesses around the world to get more leads, traffic and sales through digital marketing, product development and website optimization. I’ve been working with marketing agencies, fortune 500 companies, software development companies and startups for the past 9 years. Following are some of the companies I have worked with in the past.

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Syed Ahmad
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